Social responsibility

In many ways, both big or small, Mercuria and its people give time and effort to support communities and the environment.

Mercuria is more than a business; we are part of society. As a group, we contribute to developing opportunities that improve life in the communities where we are active.


Corporate sponsorship

Mercuria’s sponsorship of cultural and sporting activities is diverse and global. Some of the events we have been involved with include:

Beijing Music Festival

We are a proud sponsor of the Beijing Music Festival since 2007. Participating artists have included the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra playing the songs of John Lennon, violin master Pinchas Zuckerman with the China Philharmonic Orchestra, an opera gala by Deutsche Opera Berlin, and cellists Mischa Maisky and Lily Maisky’s Russian Romances.

The Legacy of China

Mercuria sponsored the documentary film series ‘The Legacy of China’ based on the lifework of Cambridge professor Joseph Needham. The film traces China’s contribution to science and innovation over the past 4000 years.

World Series of Cutting

Mercuria is proud to be one of the sponsors of the National Cutting Horse Association.The Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting includes a yearly competition in Lyon, France.

The National Cutting Horse Association, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is the world governing body for the sport of cutting - www.nchacutting.com

La Sinfonietta de Genève

Mercuria is pleased to sponsor the first violin of la Sinfonietta de Genève, a local non-professional chamber orchestra supported by the City of Geneva and conducted by Benoît Willmann. Since 2005, the Orchestra offers Master of Arts Music's students a unique and original opportunity to take lead positions within the orchestra and gain first-hand experience. 

Charitable sponsorship

Mercuria supports a range of charitable social programmes and events. In general, our focus is on projects that help children and contribute to building a better future for communities.

Mother Touch

The Mother Touch Centre has been established with help from Mercuria to provide pre-school education for around 150 children in Diepsloot, South Africa. It also offers remedial education, extension education, a lending library and a parenting workshop.

Marange House

Mercuria contributes to the wellbeing and recreational activities of disadvantaged, chronically ill children at the Marange House centre in South Africa.

Ubuntu House

Mercuria also contributes to the running of the Ubuntu House which is part of the AFM Executive Welfare uMephi project in South Africa. The House provides a home and care for abandoned and special needs children of the community.

Charity Gala Ball

For the past four years, Mercuria has contributed to Beijing’s prestigious Charity Gala Ball, which has a different focus each year. In 2011, nearly 19 million RMB was raised for rural centers offering skills training and support for the underprivileged and physically impaired.

Environmental sponsorship

Mercuria endeavors to lead in the transition towards a greener and more sustainable economy. We worked with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on a number of far-reaching initiatives.

IUCN workshops

Mercuria sponsored a series of IUCN workshops called: "The Economics of Environment and Diversity". The workshops are structured to increase awareness of market-orientated approaches to environmental policy in developing countries.

IUCN Convention on Biological Diversity

Mercuria sponsored the IUCN workshop held in Xi’an, China, with a focus to develop awareness and knowledge on the Economics and Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

IUCN Biodiversity workshop

Held in Kasane, Botswana, and sponsored by Mercuria, the workshop discussed ways of integrating biodiversity targets into national development. It adressed poverty reduction policies and spatial planning processes.

Educational sponsorship

Mercuria believes it is essential to maintain close links between academia and industry. We work actively to make this happen.

Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA)

Mercuria is a founding member of the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association that was established to represent the local trading community. STSA, in collaboration with the University of Geneva and other institutions, develops and runs specific training programmes in which senior Mercuria personnel participate as visiting lecturers.

Industry and academic forums

Mercuria’s managers regularly speak at universities, including EPFL at Lausanne, HEG and Webster University at Geneva, or conferences such as the 2010 & 2013 Oxford Energy Market roundtable. Mercuria also sponsors the Master of Management des Opérations de Marchés (MOM) at Lyon University. We also welcome students from the London Business School during their Commodity Treck in Geneva.