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Intern - Finance Middle Office




Duration: 6 months, starting as of February 2021


Mercuria’s Finance Team is looking for a strongly skilled intern to support them. The Finance Team coordinates all the physical and financial elements that enable the realization of large-scale transactions anywhere along the supply chain. Working with our trading desks, the Team operates across all commodities and all the potential markets, helping partners meet their business objectives by providing access to adequate financial resources while ensuring the financial stability of the Group. The intern will be tasked with the development of a cutting-edge six-month project, while also helping the Team with ongoing businesses.

Concerning the six-month core project, the intern will plan, develop, code and test a comprehensive and partially automatic framework aimed at assessing the market risk profile embedded into the physical assets of the company. Over the years, Mercuria has invested into assets in the commodity upstream / midstream / downstream, fully or partially owning companies extracting / processing / storing / distributing a wide range of commodities, such as crude oil, gasoil, natural gas, coal. These investments are aimed at generating value as well as offering integration with the trading activity within selected regions or markets. Given a set of parameters representing the volumes, the forecasted business cycle and the costs, the intern will develop a model calculating, for a given asset, a wide range of risk metrics taking into account the stochastic nature of market prices (curves). The intern will have the chance to implement academic theoretical knowledge of pricing and risk management in a real-world commodity framework, developing knowledge of this asset class, its products, its curves and the intriguing relationship between financial theory and physical trades / activities. The intern will focus on the characteristics of the selected assets, plan and test a flexible risk model, draft a final plan, proceed with the coding of an automatic routine and present the results to the Top Management.

With regards to the ongoing projects of the Team the intern will be exposed to, they may range from risk management (Forex, Interest Rate) to business intelligence (Marine Fuel). The intern will be required to help the Team coding (within a MS Visual Studio solution) and / or performing ad-hoc analyses.


Required Skills

  • Ability to source, manipulate, analyze and integrate large volumes of complex data.
  • Good knowledge of financial markets, financial products (especially future/forwards, swaps), asset classes (especially interest rates and exchange rates, commodities would be a plus), pricing techniques (MC, BSM, etc.) and risk metrics (especially for market risk).
  • Excellent knowledge of the MS Office suite, and in particular MS Excel (VBA would be a plus).
  • Coding experience with one or more among: MATLAB, R, Visual Basic, Python, C, C#, C++. C# would be the preferred language, but any coding background is accepted.
  • Interest in gaining knowledge of the commodity market and related risks.
  • Structured, independent and result-driven mindset.
  • Used to work independently, stress-resistant.
  • Capability of merging hard skills (financial/coding/numerical) with proper communication, planning, execution and target assessment with relevant stakeholders.
  • Excellent English skills are required.


Educational Background

  • Enrollment into a Master’s Degree in Financial Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or Data Science is required.
  • A quantitative Undergraduate background is a plus.


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