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Operations Intern



  • Analyzing, editing, amending contracts
  • Timely and accurate contract execution
  • Optimization of quantity loaded on vessel according to prices and/or draft restrictions
  • Appointing inspection companies and checking quality vs. contractual requirements
  • Update risk management system for accurate PnL reporting
  • Manage payment of vessel and cargoes
  • Monitor the credit tools and financing
  • Insurance of cargoes and vessels.


Required skills

  • Understanding of contract terms, credit terms, incoterms, shipping terms, boilerplate and legal clauses
  • Understanding of bill of lading terms, insurance terms, custom documents
  • Understanding of credit tools (letter of credit vs. prepayment, open account)
  • Understanding of the commodity and related quality components
  • English fluency or proficiency
  • Expertise using excel preferably including VBA


Educational background

University Degree/Diploma or further education qualification

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