We are proud to act as a responsible corporate citizen in our business activities around the world.

Conducting business with integrity

Acting with integrity and high ethical standards and operating in an environment of mutual respect for all employees is imperative to our continued success.

We embrace innovation and have created a culture of compliance, teamwork, and integration. Mercuria’s management team is responsible for fostering and maintaining this culture throughout the company and works collaboratively as a governing body to do so.

Our governance framework


A strong compliance culture is key to Mercuria’s success. We conduct all our activities in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

Code of conduct

Mercuria’s Code of Conduct outlines the principles and core values to which all employees are required to adhere.

Risk management

Mercuria has a clear framework in place for the ways we manage risk.


Mercuria conducts all of its activities in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

Every employee’s responsibility

Compliance is the responsibility of every employee at Mercuria. Our management team has very high expectations of all of our people to act responsibly and comply with laws and regulations.

Additionally, we strive to set and to comply with market and industry best practices over and above the law, wherever possible.

Partner expectations

Across our businesses, we expect the partners that we work with to operate to international standards in all areas and to make a public commitment to full compliance with our Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct serves as the hallmark of Mercuria’s commitment to ensuring that all employees maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency when performing their roles and responsibilities.

Local regulations

In addition to local and international laws, Mercuria is subject to physical, financial and environmental regulations in all of the countries in which we trade and operate. We strive to work in a proactive, open and co-operative manner with regulators around the globe.

To ensure that we are compliant with the many laws and regulations applicable to us, we have an extensive compliance program that is endorsed and mandated Mercuria’s management team. It is implemented and overseen by our dedicated corporate responsibility & compliance team.

Compliance & business ethics

To assist Mercuria’s Board of Directors with its compliance oversight responsibilities, Mercuria has established the Compliance and Business Ethics Committee (CBEC Committee).

The CBEC is composed of a global, cross-functional group of senior employees who meet quarterly to review in depth Mercuria’s business activities with respect to compliance and ethics, and to provide ongoing reviews of the company’s compliance and ethics programs, policies and procedures.

The reviews the committee conducts support senior management’s oversight of our business activities and ensure that they comply with international laws and regulations and are conducted with integrity.

Know-Your-Counterparty processes

As one of the largest traders in physical commodities, Mercuria has a reputation for the strong, consistent manner in which it conducts the logistics of its business as well as our ability to work collaboratively with our customers and partners. Key to these effective partnerships is our insistence on a prudent “Know-Your-Counterparty” (KYC) evaluation prior to execution of any contract or formal business engagement. In so doing, we seek to take a measured and conservative approach to managing our risk. Our KYC evaluation is multi-faceted, designed to understand our counterparty’s commercial strength and compliance standing, including ensuring they are not the subject of legal sanctions, and we also incorporate our own sense of ethics into our assessment.

Similarly, we also conduct appropriate due diligence prior to entering into any investments, acquisitions or joint ventures. Since we conduct business globally, we recognize the challenges that can arise in sourcing materials in or near areas affected by conflict, lawlessness, corruption or other destabilizing conditions. In all our business dealings in or around these jurisdictions, we have implemented enhanced due diligence procedures. In particular, we regularly investigate our commodities supply chain to help ensure that we are in no way contributing to human rights abuses, violence or exploitation in conflict-affected areas.

Code of conduct

Mercuria’s Code of Conduct re-affirms our commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards at all times. It clearly defines expected behaviours and provides guidance to employees as to Mercuria’s principles and how and what employees should escalate to the corporate responsibility & compliance department and/or the management team. In addition, our whistleblowing policy and procedures allow any individual within the organization to raise a concern about any situation that might represent a breach of our Code of Conduct or any other company policy and sets out clear expectations for them to do so. Concerns can be brought to the person’s immediate supervisor, another appropriate manager, or the local Compliance Officer, or reported to the company’s ethics hotline by calling +1  720  214  6215. We have in place a clear policy of no retaliation for any issues reported in good faith and our corporate responsibility & compliance and management teams are committed to ensuring that any issues reported are taken seriously and are followed through to resolution.

We expect all of our business partners to assist us in meeting the responsibilities stated in our Code of Conduct and to actively support and respect our values and principles in their own business practices, as well as conducting themselves and their activities ethically and in compliance with applicable law.

Risk & opportunity management

The management team expects a rigorous approach to risk management and a strong ethical and compliance culture from all Mercuria employees. By effectively managing risks and identifying opportunities, we aim to mitigate potential losses and create long-term value for our stakeholders.

Our dedicated risk management function provides independent oversight, working effectively with the management team, trading desks, investments teams, and technology department at all of our locations, to reinforce the risk processes and to identify, assess, and manage risks and opportunities.

Our risk management teams are responsible for developing risk management strategies, implementing risk management policies and procedures, and monitoring and reporting on risk exposures.

Health, safety, security & the environment

Mercuria manages its activities with the highest regard for the wellbeing of people, places and the environment. We conduct regular HSSE due diligence on our owned assets and to any assets prior to acquiring or investing in them. We have dedicated HSSE resources across the company who are responsible for ensuring compliance with our HSSE standards.

To reinforce this commitment, Mercuria’s management established the HSSE committee which is responsible for oversight of all relevant programs, policies and procedures, and advises management on HSSE matters within Mercuria’s various holdings and assets.


We are committed to sustainability and the environment, as well as advancing the energy transition to a net zero world. We began including environmental products into our portfolio as the various markets began to develop, trading in carbon emissions, certified biodiesel and other low-carbon products, and we have invested in low carbon fuel production.

In the communities where we operate, we employ local people where possible, to manage and run our facilities. We believe that this helps to create more sustainable businesses that benefit the local community as well as being commercially successful.

Safety information

HSE policy statement

Mercuria manages its activities with the highest regard for the wellbeing of people, places and the environment.

Read our HSE policy statement

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide important health and safety information about our products, and serve as an effective means for hazard communication in support of various hazard communication laws and regulations.

List of Safety Data Sheets

Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn more about our governance and our commitment to ESG in our latest Corporate Social Responsibility report.