Our people

Mercuria is a truly diverse company where talent combines with experience to drive our business forward.

Our people are crucial to our success

Our success is built on the skill set, experience, entrepreneurship and teamwork of our employees. Our people are the core capital of our company. We recruit the very best, develop our internal talent, and create a great working environment. In all our offices and facilities, you will find outstanding individuals working to high standards as part of a powerful and global team.

Our culture

We strive to ensure that we retain the dynamic and entrepreneurial culture that has developed since we were founded in 2004.

Our values

We are deeply rooted in our values and behaviours and it is our dedication to these principles that sets Mercuria apart.

Our organization

Creating long-term relationships between our employees is the cornerstone of our organizational philosophy.

A unique culture

Mercuria’s management recognizes the critical importance of setting the right culture and tone for the organization. Our success in attracting top talent has been possible due to the reputation that we have built. We strive to operate as a responsible business that says what it does and does what it says, as well as maintaining the dynamic and entrepreneurial culture that we’ve had since we were founded.

Empowering our employees

We believe that finding the best path forward comes from ensuring that all employees feel empowered to express their views and to challenge assumptions, analysis and existing practices. We operate a very flat structure and all of Mercuria’s management team actively engage in communications with all employees across the company. 

We strive to maintain a supportive work environment where employees feel valued, heard, and appreciated, and can contribute to Mercuria’s growth and success with the full respect of their peers without experiencing harassment or discrimination.

Fostering innovation

Mercuria is renowned for its disruptive thinking, consistently pushing boundaries, and thinking outside the box to foster innovation and drive change. By encouraging a culture of openness and embracing new ideas, Mercuria has established itself as a pioneer in the industry.

For example, we have invested in cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, to optimize trading processes and enhance efficiency. Our commitment to innovation is also evident in our participation in the energy transition. Investing in new and evolving sectors, demonstrates our willingness to adapt, and we are contributing to shaping the future of the energy and commodity trading industry as a whole.

Values and behaviours

As Mercuria, we are rooted in our values and behaviours and it is our dedication to these principles that sets us apart. We hold ourselves and our employees to the highest standards and believe it is essential that every member of our team shares this commitment. By doing so, we can achieve sustainable growth and continue to be a leader in our industry.


We understand that it is not only knowledge that is a crucial part of a successful business, but the sharing of knowledge. We pride ourselves in the ability for our experts to come together as multi-disciplinary teams and solve any problem.


We are committed to promoting transparency, standardization, and a level playing field in the industry. We're keen to make a positive contribution to the communities where we operate, and the broader global macro ecosystem.


We like to step out of our comfort zone. Our extensive knowledge of the industry means we are able to quickly turn exciting new opportunities into successful business ventures.


We don't stand still and we challenge the status quo. Our employees are made accountable, so are always looking to improve each aspect of our business and to contribute to our overall success.

Our organization

Creating long-term relationships between our employees is the cornerstone of our organizational philosophy and we strive to achieve this through offering challenging and rewarding career paths with boundless opportunities.

Collaborative ways of working

Collaboration is a key aspect of our open culture. We promote teamwork and cross-departmental communication, breaking down silos and fostering a collaborative spirit. Our management comprises representation from across the company and endeavors to be open and approachable, encouraging active communication between all individuals regardless of team or location.

We operate an open-plan and office-free physical environment, to maximize sharing of knowledge between teams. Throughout the year, we organize regular employee engagement events to encourage our employees to seek input from their colleagues and promote innovative problem-solving.

Continuous learning

We maintain a culture of learning at Mercuria that starts on the first day with training sessions for new joiners. We run annual refresher training courses for all front office and support staff, and organize regular peer-to-peer lunch and learn sessions that cover the full diversity of our business activity as it continually evolves.

We also provide regular communications and extensive training to ensure all employees are familiar with our Code of Conduct, the company’s expectations of them, and to help them understand the rules and regulations that govern our businesses, which are continually changing.


Employees worldwide





Our job families

Mercuria comprises the best talent recruited from a huge variety of industries and job roles, and a disparate range of educational backgrounds. Operating across the global energy system is complex, but with this diversity of knowledge collaborating on innovative solutions helps us to stay ahead in each part of the value chain.

The people who like to step out their comfort zone, who like doing more than just their job description, they're the people who are going to enjoy their time here and do well.

Simon Lock / Head of operations technology

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