Our asset portfolio nurtures the intellectual capital that empowers our trading capabilities and business growth.

Upstream oil & gas

Mercuria has consistently invested in upstream oil and gas assets around the world. In an ever-changing and volatile marketplace, our assets provide access to physical commodities that complement our trading activities.

Dry Bulk Commodities

The dry bulk commodities businesses provide opportunities for Mercuria to apply its full range of capabilities, allowing it to realize value throughout the supply chain. Strategic investments in mineral resources and infrastructure underpin our growing presence as a major player in the global market.

Infrastructure & logistics

Our logistics, storage and blending facilities enable us to deliver a wide range of products on time, anywhere in the world. Mercuria's assets are located at strategic delivery points and in hubs around the world.

Biofuel refining

Mercuria was an early adopter of environmental products into its trading portfolio. Biofuel refining enables Mercuria to directly manage quality, supply and price risk of these products.

Our asset investments provide clear, in-depth, real time insights into the dynamics of the global energy and commodities markets. Combined with our trading and marketing expertise, we gain a profound understanding of the business environment and a clear view of marketplace opportunities.

Our asset investment team is comprised of highly experienced professionals involved in all aspects of asset acquisition including advice, risk analysis, execution, capital investment and portfolio management.