We invest in, partner with, and work with some of the most innovative organizations in the world. Learn more about the sectors that we’re partnering in and contact us to see how we could work with you.

Traditional energy

We invest in upstream assets globally and believe that we will play a critical role in the responsible management of these assets to satisfy the world’s need for secure, safe, and affordable energy.

Storage & logistics

By owning and investing in storage, blending facilities and pipeline infrastructure, we are able to store and deliver a wide range of products, and unlock a variety of unique trading opportunities.

Shipping & freight

We own and invest in ships to facilitate the transportation of goods, commodities and cargo in bulk. Our Minerva Bunkering entity provides our shipping customers with a global network to ensure quality fuels with efficient logistics, and competitive pricing.

Energy transition

We invest in assets and companies operating in key sectors, or with critical technologies that are advancing the transition across the entire low carbon value chain.

This includes sectors such as renewable energy and storage, green mobility, transition metals and critical minerals, low carbon fuels, carbon and nature based solutions, and the circular economy to reduce primary extraction, add value to discarded waste, and to recycle more.

An example is our investment in N+P who are leading the way with innovations to decarbonize major industries by substituting fossil fuels with fuels created from waste.

Learn more about N+P

Technology & innovation

We have ambitions to transform both the way the industry operates and the industry itself. We believe that working together is the best way for the industry to revolutionize.

We are always looking for opportunities to design, advance, and deploy the latest technologies, such as ADP, that provides a transparent and efficient bunker delivery service, or Komgo, a leading trade finance solution.

For example, we partner with Rise-X who are changing the way the world work’s with the world’s most innovative Ecosystem Orchestration System.

Learn more about Rise-X

Social & environment

We recognize that we are in a position to make a difference, so we partner with, and invest in projects globally that help others to create sustainable improvements to people and planet.

For example, we work with Barefoot College International to train rural women as solar engineers, entrepreneurs and educators.

We also work with HUB Ocean, a non-profit, technological foundation that is dedicated to unlocking and sharing ocean data.

Learn more about HUB Ocean

Interested in partnering with us?

We are constantly looking for new investment opportunities that can offer synergies with our existing portfolio and where we can help to deliver long-term value.

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