The energy value chain

As a global and diversified energy group, we operate at scale and are actively involved in every stage of the energy value chain, bringing markets together to support the world’s energy needs of today.

Playing a vital part across the energy value chain

Mercuria plays a critical role in the smooth functioning of the energy value chain. We use our expertise and knowledge to help balance supply and demand, reduce the complexity of the energy markets, and assist producers, consumers, and investors to manage risk and price volatility, to help ensure that energy commodities are available at fair prices.

As well being responsible for buying and selling energy commodities, such as crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and electricity, in both physical and financial markets, we are involved in each part of the physical supply chain. We have ownership of and investment in energy production, storage, blending, and transportation assets and companies.

Physical supply

Production, storage and delivery of energy related commodities.

Our diversified activities enable us to source supplies of energy and other commodities from around the world and then store and transport them to ensure they are delivered to the right place at the right time. We work with a network of partners around the globe to supply traditional hydrocarbons, lower carbon products, and critical minerals and metals, to the energy value chain.

Price discovery

Helping to establish fair and transparent market prices for energy commodities.

Market forces acting on the commodity markets can make them volatile and fragmented creating price discrepancies that can occur between regions or time periods. By matching buyers and sellers within the market and across geographies and time periods, we help to create a market, establish fair and transparent prices, and facilitate the rebalancing of market fundamentals.


Providing financing and risk management solutions to our partners.

We invest in, and provide financing to, producers and consumers across the energy value chain to help them develop and expand their businesses. We also offer a variety of sophisticated risk management products and services to help our partners protect themselves from price fluctuations.

Operating at scale

Since Mercuria was founded in 2004, we have stayed committed to our founding ambition of creating a diversified global energy group. At our core is trading, acting as the intermediary between the upstream, midstream, and downstream. Trading is enhanced by our investment in a diverse and global portfolio of operating assets and the provision of comprehensive financial and risk management solutions.

Our people are crucial to our success. We recruit the best talent from a huge variety of industries and job roles, and disparate range of educational backgrounds. It is this diversity of knowledge that collaborates to ensure we stay ahead in each part of the value chain.


Barrels of oil equivalent commodities traded daily


Barrels of storage capacity


TWh of traded gas and power per year

Reducing complexity

Operating across the energy value chain is a complex and challenging business. By combining our extensive expertise, deep understanding of the energy markets, and technical capability, with our investments in infrastructure, technology and innovation we can reduce this complexity, allowing us to add value all along the energy and commodity supply chains.

The energy system has always been dynamic and no more so than today as the world moves towards a cleaner energy economy. This adds additional complexity, especially as the transition is happening at different speeds in different geographies and markets. Mercuria’s role in the energy markets is crucial both today and in the future, as we help ensure energy supplies are affordable, secure and sustainable.


Cleared transactions per month across over 25 exchanges


Live trades to risk manage daily across over 2000 pricing curves


Invoices processed each month

Financial strength

As well as employing the best and brightest minds, none of what we do could be possible without a strong financial base from which to operate from. We have generated a profit each quarter since Mercuria was founded in 2004 and at the end of 2022 had $6.7bn in total equity.

We are proud of our track record and our reputation as each year we build upon our previous hard work. We have an investment grade credit rating and work with over 100 international financial institutions.


Gross revenues in 2022


Total equity at end 2022


Successive quarters of profit since inception


Trading is at the heart of our business. Learn more about how we originate the physical transactions that support our customers’ businesses and help maintain the global balance between the supply and demand of energy and commodities.

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Assets & investments

We believe there will remain a critical role for us to play in the responsible management of existing hydrocarbon assets, in order to satisfy the world’s need for secure, safe, and affordable energy today, whilst also enabling the transition to more sustainable forms of energy tomorrow.