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Mercuria Strengthens its Growing Presence in China

Mercuria Energy (“Mercuria”, “the Group”) further consolidates its presence in China. 

Mercuria has been active in China for more than eight years and since 2004 has grown its presence in a range of energy and commodity markets, including oil, refined petroleum products, coal and iron ore, as well as emission trading and asset investments. 

To support the growth of its business, Mercuria is pleased to announce the establishment of Mercuria (China) Investment Co. Ltd., a core member of Mercuria Asia Group Holding Pte. Ltd.. The newly established entity will manage all trading and investment activities of the Group in China. 

Mercuria’s Group Head of Asia, Mr. Jin Han, said “The establishment of Mercuria (China) Investment Co. Ltd is a significant milestone for Mercuria, and places the company in the top group of corporate players in China.”

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