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Mercuria Announces Expansion to Minerva Maritime Fuel Business

12th March 2015

Company will Hire 20 to 40 Bunker Fuel Specialists

12 March 2015 – In a statement today, Magid Shenouda, the global head of trading of Mercuria, one of the world’s largest independent energy and commodities groups, announced the founding of the group’s maritime fuel business, Minerva.

“We believe we are forging a strong new model in the maritime fuel business.  This is a transparent and reliable model that puts the client first to ensure the quality and delivery of their energy needs to their marine vessels,” said Shenouda.

“We are investing substantial resources into the bunkering business. Minerva is the natural complement to Mercuria’s fuel oil trading structure,” continued the global head of trading.

“We are building upon Mercuria’s skill sets and balance sheet to expand relationships in the physical fuel oil business. As a result, we are seeking the very best marine fuel talent to join our vigorous trading environment and provide expertise to those that rely on knowledge of the energy space. We look forward to filling these positions in Asia, Europe and the United States,” concluded Shenouda.

For employment opportunities at Minerva, visit

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