Biofuel refining

Mercuria is one of the world’s leading biofuels traders. Our refining asset provides a dependable, quality controlled product source.

Mercuria was an early adopter of environmental products into its trading portfolio. Biofuel refining enables Mercuria to directly manage quality, supply and price risk of these products

South Bend Ethanol


Corn-based ethanol production facility capable of operating up to 100 million gallons per yearStrategically positioned near Chicago, the main pricing marker for both corn and ethanol markets

Mercuria Biofuels Brunsbüttel ("MBB")


250K MT per annum esterification capacity of European high quality biodiesel. FAME production from used cooking oil and other waste based feedstocksStrategically located in the port of Brunsbüttel at the crossroads of the Kiel Kanal and the Elbe River, North GermanyThe plant is fully ISCC certified and produces RED compliant sustainable biodieselThe refinery, together with its own dedicated storage facilities, makes MBB one of the leading waste-based biofuels producers in Europe

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