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Automation and Digitalization Intern


Role Presentation

The company is constantly making new technological investments to enhance efficiency and the degree of automation of its operation. One of these projects focuses on payroll, accounting and controlling activities and consist in the implementation of software to automate payment execution, booking and reconciliation. Within a cross-functional team of Payroll, Finance & IT professionals, the candidate will be involved in the business analysis, requirement engineering, design and implementation of these tools.

The first phase of this multi-year project will focus on a Proof of Concept for few selected countries.

The project activities will include:

  • Bridging between HR-payroll and Technology teams to define requirements and elaborate business rules to be implemented in the final solution
  • Creation of a catalog of all data sources impacting payroll results as well as listing all requirements from an accounting and controlling standpoint
  • Working closely with software vendors to ensure expected results are delivered on-time, within budget and with the desired quality level
  • Development of tools for the automatic reconciliation of accounting entries with bank statements, using AI techniques, data science or similar methodologies with the aim to strongly reduce the requirements of manual intervention
  • Design and implementation of a data warehouse for reporting purposes and creation of dashboards with Business Intelligence Software (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, SAP Analytics Cloud)
  • Developing ad hoc high-quality analytics for key stakeholders, such as Executive Management and Department Heads
  • The final aim of the project is enhance the automation of current payroll operations and improve reporting by consolidating data from all sources, standardizing operations and increasing data accuracy and correctness.


Learning and experience opportunities

This assignment will provide you:

  • Based on performance during the internship, the role might be transformed into a permanent job at Mercuria with all related benefits (e.g. above average remuneration, health insurance benefits, etc).
  • Experience in project management of a cross-functional team (HR, IT and Finance)
  • Exposure to the operations of a multinational corporation
  • A dynamic environment with a steep learning curve in Energy Markets Knowledge, Technology and Project Management


Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Science or Mathematics (preferably with a Computer Science orientated background)
  • Above average grades and valuable extra-curricular activities
  • Good knowledge of programming languages
  • High degree of professionalism and confidentiality, as the role will be tasked with the handling of sensitive employee information.
  • Entrepreneurial behavior, creative and flexible, out-of-the-box thinker with good appetite for challenges
  • Excellent English skills are required


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