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Internal Audit Data Science Intern



Role Presentation

Mercuria Internal Audit provides Assurance and Advisory Services to Mercuria Group companies.

We are looking to add a Data scientist to our team to help enhance our Digital Audit Strategy, so that we can leverage technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Robotic Process Automation in our audits. While our audit methodology relies on human judgment, and professional skepticism, we are looking to apply advanced technologies in quickly, accurately, extensively, and easily obtain and evaluate corroborating audit evidences. Thereby, improving our audit quality and audit efficiency.

Some preliminary use cases for applying such techniques in our audits would be:

  • Our audits include review of lots unstructured data – documentary evidences – pdfs, word documents etc. We are looking to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) in reading contracts, invoices, and third party documents, to identify deviations in executed deal terms vs economics of trades booked into the system.
  • Our Zero trust architecture around access controls is evolving fast. We intend to use Machine Learning in contextualizing user access, and continually assist Business in Authorizing and Re-certifying access, and monitor user activities for anomalies.
  • Our external audit support engagements in gathering and delivering evidences, and business facing engagements in sharing audit evaluations and gathering risk responses are laborious than ever. We are looking to apply the simplest form of digital labor – Robotic Process Automation in material gathering and delivery – including last mile delivery of audit outcomes, both in an automated manner and gamified manner.


Skills and Experience

  • Experience in developing applications using Machine Learning frameworks and tools such as Keras, TensorFlow, NLTK, SpaCy, PyTorch, and libraries such as scikit-learn, pandas
  • Experience in building scalable data pipelines and dashboards to report various metrics. Must perform, extract, transform, and load (ETL) activities, and manage data warehouses
  • Experience in analyzing large datasets with statistical precision using Python, R, Scala, Java, SQL, with UI build experience using React JS or similar frontend web development
  • Ability to understand Internal Audit practices including business risks and controls, good attention to detail, and critical thinking
  • Team player with excellent communications skills (English proficiency must)
  • Must be pursuing a Master’s Degree in a quantitative discipline such as Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Computer Science


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