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Shipping Operator





Shipping Operator is an intermediary between various departments in the Company and external stakeholders such as Ship Owners, Vessels, Port Agents, 3rd party Charterers etc. The role of a Shipping Operator is to ensure flawless, safe and efficient transportation of the goods on the Ships chartered in or, in case of Ships’ employment with 3rd parties – chartered out, provide in-house support and expertise on the shipping related matters.

In addition to the physical side of the operations, as part of their day to day duties, Shipping Operator is also responsible for maintaining accurate representation of the transportation arrangements and respective costs within the shipping software.

Non-demurrage claims handling might also be assigned to the Shipping Operator as related to Vessels chartered in or out.

The role is fast paced, dynamic and challenging. Involves support to worldwide operations that operate continuously and in multiple time zones which may require individuals to be available outside office hours.




  • Assist chartering in obtaining the port restrictions and costs; screen Vessels with the Terminals/Ports.
  • Guide Chartering and Trading on the tanks cleaning procedures and potential contamination risks.
  • Screen the Vessels in accordance with Mercuria vetting criteria.
  • Issue the voyage instructions to the Vessels.
  • Elaborate the stowage plans, including multi-grades, to accommodate trading arrangements and propose most efficient solutions.
  • Optimize the cargo stowage plans and bunkers calculations.      
  • Optimize Vessels’ routing depending on the speed/consumption curves, weather, arrival deadlines etc.
  • Arrange STS transfers.
  • Arrange bunkering of the time-chartered fleet.
  • Arrange and negotiate various shipping related contracts (agency, towage, mooring, STS etc.).
  • Provide initial legal support to trading for shipping related matters.
  • Negotiate LOI wordings, participate in elaboration of the c/p clauses.
  • Update IMOS, maintain accountability for the P&L; expect to participate in system development and interface with ETRM.
  • Arrange periodical system reconciliations.
  • Provide feedback on the estimates vs actual voyage costs, optimization proposals.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


  • A minimum of 5 years related shipping experience dealing with dry commodities (bulk coal, clinker, iron ore, aluminium sows and ingots, concentrates etc) and DPP / CPP.
  • An entrepreneurial minded, hardworking and structured team player.
  • Sailing experience as navigating officer would be an asset but not mandatory (must be combined with a shore experience in a trading or shipping company).
  • Some legal background or substantial exposure to claims under the voyage-/time-charter parties.
  • Experience with the IMOS shipping system is an advantage but not mandatory.
  • Experience in dry bulk is required, candidate should be prepared to handle tanker operations too depending on the desk workload, hence having previous experience with wet shipments is a plus (including working out onboard blending and ITT plans etc) but not mandatory.
  • Candidate should be prepared to handle VLCC / Suezmax / Aframax / LR / MR sized VL’s
  • Familiarity with standard tankers & dry voyage-/time-charter parties forms, FFAs and basic freight and bunker risk management technics.
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written. Mandarin and/or Cantonese would be an asset.
  • IT literate.


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