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Turning waste into value

Headquartered in the Netherlands, N+P is a pioneer in the field of waste derived alternative fuel production and supply.

The company is leading the way with innovations to decarbonize major industries by substituting fossil fuels with non-recyclable paper and plastic waste fractions.

Accelerating the energy transition

N+P is accelerating the energy transition by utilizing the value of waste to reduce the global carbon footprint. The concept of waste derived fuels is not new but its complex to execute, but N+P has been pioneering their development. It was one of the first companies to commercially produce of high-quality waste derived fuels which are able to substitute up to 100% of fossil fuels. This results in results in cheaper production costs, but more importantly, it leads to a massive reduction of CO2 emissions with up to 1.6 tons of CO2 being saved for each ton of fossil fuel which is substituted according to a study carried out by Ingenia (NL).

Logistics solutions to make projects happen
R&D to lead the way in waste derived solutions
30 year track record in waste legislation

Usable in existing installations

The alternative fuels that N+P produces are specifically designed to meet requirements from existing pyro processes. N+P aims to achieve similarity of both chemical and physical properties in order to maximize the substitution of fossil fuel while maintaining process stability. Depending on the intended application, up to 100% of fossil fuel feedstocks can be substituted.

Unique patented process

It is a well-known issue that high calorific value waste streams tend to have few options available other than landfill. However, N+P’s patented process is able to convert these higher CV wastes to a high quality fuel pellet. These pellets offer significant value to end users, as they typically hold over 80% of the energy compared to coal, but with a significant CO2 saving.

A range of industrial applications

N+P works from the back end of the supply chain to focus on the quality which is needed by the end users, and then creating the right quality fuel pellet from various types of waste to achieve an optimal solution. The stability and high quality of these fuel pellets has proven itself at a number of different applications, including cement, lime, steel and even existing coal-fired power plants. Recent successful trials have proven that 100% coal substitution is possible in a power plant.

A partnership with Mercuria

In 2021, Mercuria and N+P announced a strategic partnership that injected significant growth capital in N+P and allowed for the development of new alternative fuels production facilities. N+P has been using the growth capital to facilitate a global expansion catalysed via synergies with Mercuria’s global trading platform. The company will significantly increase the number of production plants and has already commissioned a new plant in the UK and announced a partnership for the world’s largest waste-to-jet fuel facility.

Hear from N+P

“We are happy and proud that we have managed to find a partner like Mercuria, who shares our ambitious goal to grow and contribute to the development of our markets."

Karel Jennisen / Co-founder, N+P Group

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