We trade non-ferrous concentrates and related by-products, with focus on copper, zinc, lead and polymetallic & precious concentrates.

We cover a global portfolio of clients through our teams in Geneva, Shanghai, Lima and Mexico City.

Concentrates are sourced from miners and traders in resource-rich regions like North and South America, Australia, Africa, Russia, parts of Europe and the Black Sea area. On the receiving end are smelters, which are located mostly in China, South Korea and Europe. As traders, we engage with both sides and add significant value through our collection business, blending expertise and logistics coordination.

Commercial strategy and risk management are centralized with the team in Geneva. We work via our teams in Lima and Mexico City with small- and mid-sized miners throughout Peru, Bolivia, and Mexico and stockpile material in centralized warehouses close to key ports. The collection business allows us to blend a range of complex materials to meet receiver requirements, as well as to comply with import-impurity restrictions. Regardless of deal type, the multiple stages of transshipment and possible blending require us to coordinate with a variety of warehouses, logistics providers, container shipping lines, inspection companies and laboratories on a regular basis.