Mercuria is a significant participant in both the European
and North American wholesale power markets.

Our main European power trading offices are in Geneva and London. From these bases we coordinate local knowledge and representation for our activities across the pan-European wholesale market. Through participation in daily, monthly and annual auctions we have built an asset portfolio of secured transmission rights with many of the continent’s key interconnectors.

In the mature West and Central European regions we use our wholesale trading expertise to assist counterparties in optimizing their positions and mitigating their market risks. In the more recently deregulated East European regions we work with producers and project developers on the best ways to optimize output to market.

From our commercial hub in Houston, Mercuria has a significant presence in the North American wholesale power market, trading coast to coast in all the major ISO regions. We are active in all aspects of the market including capacity, transmission and power. Our wholesale trading expertise and market access allows us to support large-scale direct customers including utilities, retail aggregators and merchant generators.

The broad spectrum of wholesale power activities in Europe and North America provides synergies with other Mercuria activities such as coal, gas and carbon. It enables us to reinforce our cross-commodity analytical approach and to facilitate the development of structured transactions to support our customers.