Assets & investments

We’re well ahead of our pledge that 50% of our investments will be into the energy transition by 2025.

More than commodity trading

In addition to our core trading activities, we invest our own capital into strategic assets and some of the world’s most innovative companies.


Safe, secure, and affordable energy

Historically, our focus has been predominantly on investments in upstream and midstream oil & gas assets. We believe there will remain a critical role for us to play in the responsible management of existing oil and gas assets, in order to satisfy the world’s need for secure, safe, and affordable energy today, whilst enabling the transition to more sustainable forms of energy tomorrow.


Helping the world get to net zero

We are increasingly and proactively investing in companies and projects that are helping the world to decarbonize and to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable and low-carbon or zero-carbon sources of energy.


Creating new opportunities

Through our assets and investments, we gain clear and in-depth insights into the sectors and markets in which Mercuria and our portfolio companies operate. Combined with our trading activities and expertise, this enables us to identify new opportunities and paths forward for our continued growth.


Investments being managed globally


Of our investments in the energy transition


Renewable energy in our investments pipeline

Ownership of physical assets

Our investments into a portfolio of operating assets across the value chain enhances our core trading activities.

Hydrocarbon production

A global and diversified portfolio of upstream hydrocarbon production assets.


Storage and transportation assets, including a joint interest in Vesta Terminals with three terminal facilities in Europe.


Our German facility produces high quality European FAME biodiesel from used cooking oil and other waste-based feedstocks.

German public information notice for §8a Störfall-Verordnung (PDF)


Minerva Bunkering

Minerva Bunkering is a wholly-owned subsidiary that supplies bunker fuel to maritime fuel customers globally, that rely on our knowledge of the entire energy space. Minerva ensures the best quality and efficient delivery of energy needs to marine vessels, using state-of-the-art digital technology. It is able to utilize Mercuria’s global network to source quality product, and ensure efficient logistics and competitive pricing.

Investing in the energy transition

We invest in assets and companies operating in key sectors or with critical technologies that are advancing the transition across the entire low carbon value chain, including:

Renewables & energy storage

Renewable power generation batteries, vehicle-to-grid, grid flexibility

Green mobility

Battery electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, charging infrastructure

Transition metals

Critical minerals required for batteries and electrification

Low carbon fuels

Biofuels, renewable natural gas, hydrogen, ammonia, methanol

Circular economy

Reducing primary extraction, adding value to discarded waste, streams, waste-to-fuels & recycled fuels

Technology & innovation

Greenhouse emission reduction technologies, carbon capture & storage

Carbon & nature based solutions

Creating and preserving carbon sinks, reforestation and forestry initiatives, sustainable farming & agriculture

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Purpose & commitments

Learn about how we are committed to contributing to a better energy system that offers more reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.

The energy transition

The shift from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable and renewable sources of energy is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Our global presence

Operating in more than 50 countries gives us a strong local presence and market knowledge that enhances our relationships.

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We are constantly looking for new investment opportunities that can offer synergies with our existing portfolio and where we can help to deliver long-term value.

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