Net zero solutions

We can provide services to help businesses meet their net zero goals.

Making the energy transition

We understand that the transition to a low-carbon economy is going to be challenging and there is no single solution that will work for everyone.

Helping make the transition as efficient as possible

Our team of environmental products specialists is dedicated to providing the optimal solutions to help businesses transition as efficiently as possible. These solutions are designed to help companies improve their energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and become more sustainable on their journey to meet their net zero goals.

Our experts can provide solutions

Once a business has assessed its energy usage and carbon footprint, we work with them to identify the areas where improvements can be made to meet their goals, and create a bespoke plan. Our experts work closely with our clients and 3rd party implementation partners to provide a variety of solutions.

Creating net zero solutions



Understand a business’s emissions exposure across geographies and pricing systems and create suitable goals and targets.



Develop suitable abatement options by leveraging carbon pricing to source lower carbon products and/or incentivize physical abatement.



Create a product basket of user-defined carbon offsets with flexible specifications for hard to abate residual emissions.

Introducing Silvania

In March 2023, Mercuria’s founders launched Silvania, a $500M investment vehicle that will invest exclusively in natural climate solutions globally to help the delivery of the Paris Agreement goals and the UN 30×30 Initiative which aims to protect 30 percent of Earth’s land and ocean area by 2030.

The investments will provide tangible environmental, biodiversity, and social benefits by investing capital across the value chain. They are also expected to generate high-quality carbon credits and co-benefits from reducing or sequestering emissions or increasing biodiversity from Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU). It is anticipated that any credits generated from the vehicle’s investments will be targeted for use in compliance, voluntary carbon markets, or Mercuria’s own offsetting demand.

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Learn about how we are committed to contributing to a better energy system that offers more reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.

The energy transition

The shift from fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable and renewable sources of energy is one of the greatest challenges of our time.

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Operating in more than 50 countries gives us a strong local presence and market knowledge that enhances our relationships.

Solutions to help your company reach net zero

Our team of specialists can provide the optimal solutions to help your business navigate the energy transition

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