North America

Robust, liquid North American energy markets provide deep opportunities for Mercuria’s logistics and risk-management expertise. 

From US coast-to-coast, Canada and Mexico, Mercuria is a major contributor to energy optimization and low-carbon solutions.

Mercuria in North America

Deep coverage

With offices in Houston, Greenwich, Calgary, Denver, and Los Angeles, our professionals cover the value chains of environmental products, natural gas, electricity, crude, refined products, and ethanol. 

Engaged in physical and financial trading, logistics, and investments, Mercuria Energy America, LLC is a leading solutions provider for upstream, midstream and downstream clients.

Electricity & natural gas

Mercuria’s electricity and natural gas efforts encompass trading, optimization and services at all liquid hubs in North America. 

Pipeline capacity, storage, tolls and asset management agreements provide opportunities for arbitrage while fundamentally supporting our client-facing businesses. Proprietarily, Mercuria develops points of view that drive various expressions of trading risk.

Crude oil & refined products

With a network of trading offices, we are one of the world’s largest independent traders of crude oil and refined products. Our strong relationships, superior logistics capabilities, and strategically located storage and blending facilities ensure we capture value throughout the hydrocarbon supply chain.

Natural gas liquids & olefins

Our global LPG trading team focuses on physical arbitrage and paper derivatives, with our North American NGLs and olefins trading team focusing on the end-to-end value chain from well-head to end consumer.

Shipping & marine freight

Our freight teams find shipping solutions that enable our global commodities trading businesses to optimize their flows of of cargo. They are also responsible for our investments in  companies and assets across the shipping sector.

World class shipping fuels

Minerva Bunkering is our world leading, independent bunker supplier. We have extensive operations in North America, including US East, West and Gulf coasts, Panama, the Caribbean and Vancouver – one of the closest points of entry to North America for ships arriving from Asia.

Minerva leverages the scale of its integrated supply chain, dense delivery network, class-leading corporate infrastructure, and technology enabled solutions to provide customers with value, transparency, and reliability.


Number of employees in North America


Number of offices across North America


Acquisition of J.P. Morgan physical commodities business


Acquisition of Noble’s North America gas & power business

Environmental products

We have environmental products specialists based in North America that can provide solutions to assist companies to identify, abate and offset their carbon emissions. This can help businesses improve their energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and become more sustainable on their journey to meet their net zero goals.

Trading & risk management

Bespoke structuring solutions to manage carbon pricing exposure.

Differentiated products

Connecting customers with supplies of lower carbon energy.

Abatement & offsets

Using carbon pricing signals to support emission reduction investments, and to identify and fund carbon offset projects.

Energy transition investments

Through investments in some of North America’s most exciting companies, Mercuria’s commitment to the global transition away from high carbon fuels is evident throughout our business.

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Key activities

Asset management & optimization



Technological innovation

Recruiting & mentoring

Giving back



Social responsibility

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented a donation-matching program that supports charitable causes in areas such as environment, education, and community enrichment, and we also encourage our team members to participate directly in charitable causes. We have supported over 30 charitable organizations across North America, positively impacting the communities in which we operate. Some of these activities include:

Harmony School of Ingenuity

Mercuria was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for its participation in the school’s career fair, where it inspired a new generation of scholars

De Pelchin Children’s Center

We have made significant contributions to De Pelchin Children’s Center, a non-profit organization that provides care and support to children with special needs.

Smalls Steps Nurturing Center

We support the Turkey Drive at Smalls Steps Nurturing Center, an organization that provides early childhood education and support to underprivileged families.

Diversity & inclusion

We have made significant efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By recruiting from diverse universities, improving parental leave time, supporting women by providing paid memberships to the Women’s Energy Network amongst taking other steps, we have created a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

These efforts have helped to build a workforce that reflects the diverse communities it serves and has provided opportunities for women and other under-represented groups to succeed. Mercuria’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is a positive example for other companies to follow.

Featured vacancies

Legal counsel

Work with Mercuria’s commercial, credit, finance, operations, investments, and other teams by providing legal advice, managing projects and executing transactions.

Middle Office

Middle Officer

Posted on: 11th June 2024
Constantly monitor risk of trading positions. Provide daily oversight of trading activities for the U.S. North American power, natural gas emissions trade desks.
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Senior Power Real Time Trader (SERC/East)

Posted on: 11th June 2024
Monitor, tag, and mitigate risks on the US power grid, optimize and capture profitable market opportunities based on real-time positions and analysis of market conditions.
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Offices across North America


+1 832 209 2400
Suite 650, 20 Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas, 77046, USA


+1 403 532 2000
Suite 600, 326, 11th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0C5, Canada


+1 720 213 6216
370 17th Street, Suite 4960, 80202 Denver, Colorado, USA


+1 203 413 3355
33 Benedict Place, First Floor, Greenwich, Connecticut, 06830, USA

Mexico City

+52 55 3602 9714
Sierra Mojada 401, Int Piso 4, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec III, Miguel Hidalgo, 11000 Ciudad de México, Mexico

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