Trading is at the heart of Mercuria’s business. Our teams are highly experienced, multi-commodity, asset-backed, and global.

Physical trading

We source, ship, store, blend, and transact

We originate the physical transactions that support our customers’ businesses and help maintain the global balance between the supply and demand of energy and commodities.

Global connectivity

Global, multi-commodity and
asset-backed trading

In a marketplace where commodities are becoming ever more connected, Mercuria operates across the entire value chain. We are a significant participant in the futures and commodity benchmark markets. We offer the pricing structures and service excellence that create value for our customers and trading partners.

Traders working on the Mercuria trading floor in Singapore


Barrels of oil equivalent commodities traded daily


TWh of gas and power traded per year


Live trades risk managed daily


Pricing curves used to manage risk

Our major trading locations

Mercuria has global access to all traded energy and commodities markets.

Identifying arbitrage opportunities with our extensive experience


Differences in price for the same commodity in different locations.

Our global network and logistics capabilities allow for sourcing of commodities in one location and delivery in another via sea borne freight, pipeline, barges, trucks, and rail.


Differences in price between types or grades of a commodity, or across different commodities.

We can minimize market price differentials via break bulk, blending, processing or end product substitution, or by cross commodity spreads through tolling and our ownership of conversion assets.


Differences in price between immediate delivery and a delivery in the future.

Our ownership of storage capacity and our extensive financing capabilities allows for the execution of carry trades across different time zones and periods.

Products we trade

Agricultural products


Bunker fuel

Crude oil

Dry bulk

Environmental markets


Hydrocarbon products



Natural gas & LNG




Technology metals

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